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While women constitute half of the population, they are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions, constituting only a quarter of C-level executives at the top 1,000 U.S. companies and just 31.7% of top executive positions across industries. Despite this lack of representation at the highest levels, women wield significant economic influence, driving 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions.

Recognizing the impact that women can have on the consumer economy is essential, given the wide-ranging influence they have over consumer decisions. They are not just consumers; they are trendsetters, brand advocates, and decision-makers within their households. Their purchasing power isn't limited to traditional items associated with femininity; it extends to technology, cars, and other sectors still considered male-dominated.

​​Take the example of Taylor Swift attending a Chief's football game supporting Travis Kelce. The response was remarkable—an immediate 400% surge in merchandise sales, propelling Travis's jersey to the top five best-selling in the NFL. Taylor's influence even extended beyond the game; she even influenced the lighting scheme of the Empire State Building to match her choice of condiments used that night—ketchup and (seemingly) ranch dressing. Yes, you read that right. This incident underscores the power of female endorsement. When women see others they admire thriving and supporting a cause, they pay attention.

In contrast, it's rare to witness a man actively supporting an NFL player's girlfriend's brand. Women, on the other hand, tend to trust and believe in other women, a sentiment bolstered by the fact that 84% of influencers are women.

The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce incident is not an isolated event but a reflection of a larger trend. When women endorse products, causes, or even political figures, their influence tends to create a ripple effect. This ripple effect extends through their immediate social circles and online platforms, where opinions and recommendations are shared, discussed, and, most importantly, trusted. It's a form of grassroots marketing that resonates deeply, often leading to organic, widespread support.

While not everyone can experience overnight fame by having Taylor Swift show up to their event or game (while gaining 1.3 million followers across social media in one day!), recognizing the value of creating a brand and vision that genuinely resonates with women is essential. Women talk, and their conversations wield a unique influence that money can't buy.

If you have a brand or mission that you believe would deeply resonate with women but struggle to reach your audience effectively, we're here to help. As a female-founded organization, we understand women! Reach out to us at, and let's work together to make your voice heard.

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